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Memorial Tributes

Honoring Those We Remember:

2024 Nevus Outreach Conference Memorial

The Nevus Outreach community is a strong and supportive one. We celebrate victories, share experiences, and offer comfort during challenging times. This year's conference includes a special tribute to those in our community who are no longer with us.

A Time for Reflection and Remembrance

The memorial will be a dedicated space to reflect on the lives of loved ones touched by CMN, NCM, and related conditions. We invite you to share a memory, a photo, or a message of love in their honor.

How to Submit a Memorial Tribute

To have your loved one included in the Nevus Outreach Conference Memorial, please submit the following information by May 1:

  • Name of your loved one

  • A brief message or memory (optional)

  • A photo (optional, high-resolution preferred)


Submissions can be made by:


Together, We Shine a Light

Through this memorial, we come together as a community to honor those we miss. Their memory will inspire us and guide our continued pursuit of better support and understanding for individuals with nevus.

Please note: Submissions will be reviewed to ensure they are appropriate for a public forum.

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