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For 2024, people can earn registration credits for every $1000 fundraised for Nevus Outreach.


Example: A fundraiser raises $4500.

The person holding the fundraiser

qualifies to have waved registration

for up to 4 people in their party.


$500 balance converts to a donation to Nevus Outreach since it is not enough for an additional reward.

2024 Registration Credits

You Make the Magic

Each conference, we have people tell us what a “magical” or “special” place the conference has become to them. It is a place where you are welcomed and cherished in our special community.


Truly, families that hold grassroots fundraisers are the makers of this magic. Without a doubt, they make this magic happen. Through their creative and fun efforts, they have helped Nevus Outreach defray the costs of attending the conference.


The process allows for people to earn credits towards coming to the conference.


The only stipulation being they cannot donate to their fundraiser, since they are receiving a benefit from that fundraiser for ethical and tax deduction stipulations.


For each conference, the board decides the level of fundraising needed to defray costs, and any leftover balance is allocated to the General Fund.

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