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Shona Fleming, BSc (Psych), MBA



As an energetic, entrepreneurial people connector, Shona Fleming is passionate about assisting those who are less able to advocate for themselves. A co-founder and volunteer director @the Anti-Anxiety Resource Ranch, her current focus is helping members of our global society to cope with living with anxiety, initially via AARR digital resource hub, providing relevant links to coping in and understanding a life with anxiety and related mental health conditions and imminently, by creating AAR Ranch sanctuaries for stigma-free retreats to heal and coach with tools for coping, thriving and moving forward.


Shona has several years of experience with patient groups for common and rarer dermatological conditions; as a founding member of the team which launched, she continues to maintain relationships across the globe with collaboration for support of coping and thriving with anxiety and related mental health issues, particularly with regard to visible differences.


Shona is also president of a volunteer committee, in Canada's capital city, which conducts an annual Wonderland Tea Party event for mental health support at the local Children's Hospital, in memory of the event creator's son who died by suicide.


Additionally, Shona brings 20+ years experience in market research project management, with a focus on facilitating research groups and actionable recommendations.


Shona enjoys meeting new people, facilitating and collaborating for greatness, and trying to share more kindness and good for humankind. Hobbies include anything for family time plus travel, downhill skiing, road cycling, dragon boat paddling, yoga, camping, gardening and photography.

Photo of Shona Fleming Facilitator for Nevus Outreach conference.
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