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Puppen Handwerk  - Creates dolls that look like your child, teach self-care from the start, and understand diversity as an enrichment of our society.

Discount: 20%  To redeem, email Jennifer Kliem at and mention Nevus Outreach Conference.

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Colourful Goodies - Dolls that everyone can identify with; Colourful Goodies. These are not just dolls with different skin colours, but also dolls that reflect people with disabilities or persons with a skin condition. Click here for more details.

Discount: 10%   Code: NevusOutreach2023

Sew A Smile Boutique LOGO.jpeg

Sew a Smile Boutique - I have a passion for creating beautiful dolls that are as unique and special as the child they are designed for. Every child deserves to have a doll that looks like them, whether that be their skin tone, hair color, and glasses. But also scars, birthmarks and other medical needs like cochlear implants. Click here for more details.

Discount: 35%   Code: NEVUS23

US and Canada Only

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